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Movie Reviews

The Dark Knight-Tyler

Remarkably epic. I loved every epic second of this 2 and a half hour epic parade of epicosity. Ledgers epic performance as the Joker reminded me why I wanted to act and was epic. There should be no reason someone is not epically impressed by this epic film even with it's epically long running time. You don’t find yourself looking at your epically cool watch at all. If you don’t see this epic movie you are seriously cheating yourself out of an epic experience that will amaze you. I say see it as soon as possible.   epic


10 out of 10


Anchorman - by Matt

Ok so me and Tyler watch Anchorman all the time and it has never gotten any less funny.  Will Ferrell is a riot as Ron Burgundy, and Steve Carell is the best supporting actor as Brick Tamland. Everyone should see this movie.

Rating: 10 out of 10


Rush Hour 2 - By Connor

Going into this movie, I naturally expected a lot of scenes with people waiting in traffic. Man was I wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of Asians, as I was just expecting to see a lot of white people sitting in their cars, and a lot of stereotypical black characters waiting in the drive-thru at KFC. And holy s*** you guys, there was so much karate. Karate on the roof, karate in the massage parlor, even karate in a sewer. The only bad thing about this movie was that white lady. Or Mexican? She had like.. a hispanic accent. Go see it and you'll find out for yourself. Ok, so this chick gets shot in the arm and then she tries to f*** Jackie Chan in an elevator. I know, right? What the hell? And then there's that whole thing with the crazy Chinese (Korean?) lady with the bomb. Where the hell did she get a bomb? And wow! Luckily there was a power line for Bruce Le and Eddie Murphy to slide down on and escape. Oh, spoiler alert: There's a bomb and an escape on a power line. Anyways, besides all that bad stuff there was a bunch of funny one-liners and stuff. So yeah, overall it was ok. I'd recommend it for a movie night or something.

Rating: 7/10



By Tyler

This was a hilarious movie from the fake commercials, a particularly funny one satins ally with Robert Downey Jr. and Toby Maguire to the end with a surprise cameo with lance bass. The story was clever and it shows Ben stiller has not lost his Writing skills. If your not a fan of any of the main stars you probably wont like it as much as everyone around you but you should still see it for Tom Cruse in the funniest thing he has done in years (Yes this includes Oprah's couch)' anyway see this movie if not for the comedy then the action because there’s still plenty of butt kicking to go around.


Official score


Hamlet 2

-By Tyler

This may very well be the funniest movie of the summer. I went and could not have enjoyed it any more. Steve Cogan was amazing as a frustrated High School drama teacher working for gas money and the supporting cast is pronominal and the songs were amazing, seriously could there be a better song then rape me in the face. Anyway I strongly suggest seeing this move, as I will many more times


Official score

10(I wish it went higher)/Out of 10

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