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The Preschool Dropouts

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If you wanted to know about us this is the place... stalker


I am a male very handsome with an awsome body. people seem to love me and i never questioned why because I know i'm a beast....rar. I am in all the videos for 2 reasons 1 cauz im awesome and 2 because im the only one with a camera and if its my camera i better be in them you know what i mean
I am 15 and I'm a sophmore at the Prep. Yes, I am hetero. I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster and am a lifelong fighter of the Internation Communist Movement.
I am 16, Asian, Irish and a firm believer in me. I will not be in the videos, but I will be co-writing them, and holding the camera. I am also a fallen member of the First Church of the Latter Day Pedophiles. AKA: Catholicism. I just believe in me, God, The Holy Ghost and Jesus. The true Holy Quadrinity.

Derek dossent know the passwword.  so I, Tyler will be writing his bio. Derek is a small child who is what some call "mentalty challenged" and a cronic masturbater, that is all.

We make movies to share our genius. They are funny and youtube is the worst site ever so...yea.

(insert funny one liner here)


Our Favorite Stuff

Guitar Hero
30 Rock
A nice pair of slacks
Flight of the choncords

Favorite Quotes

What have we said that was funny.

fuck you

Endorsed by the Coca - Cola company.
But not really.